Feeding the ‘Houseless’

feeding the houseless

Many organisations throughout the country take part in ‘homeless’ projects that provide individuals with either shelter, meals, tinned food etc. In August 2013, the British Muslim Youth decided to take part in similar efforts by providing a meal a week for the ‘houseless’ community.

The British Muslim Youth believes that the core principle in this project is to eradicate the view of these individuals being ‘Homeless’, but rather they are ‘houseless’. Due to certain circumstances, such as losing their job, lack of life opportunities or even unforeseen events, many individuals within this community are left without a shelter.

However a ‘Home’ is where a family lies and our organisation stresses that although they are without shelter or family, their family and therefore their home is with the British Muslim Youth.

Within these projects, individuals are presented with a free meal on a weekday evening, along with a conversation from members volunteering. It gives an insight for everyone to share stories, build bonds and relations with each other.

The food that has previously been provided has ranged from simple foods, to curry, rice, samosas and many Asian delicacies, which provides a different orientation of food within the week for the individuals.

Unite, Fast, Remember


Millions of British Muslims throughout Britain fast and take part in the Holy month of Ramadhan each year. This is the month in which Britain’s most charitable Community (The Times-2013) shares its wealth with those most in need from around the world.

Occasionally, non-Muslims do get some insight of the month of Ramadhan through short national media awareness programs. However, the question arose whether this was being filtered through the grass roots in local communities?

Thus the Rotherham Muslim Youth (the name prior to us being called British Muslim Youth) saw a perfect opportunity to organise an event, which not only spread awareness and understanding about the true message of Islam and the holy month of Ramadhan, but also could be used an initiative to bring communities together.

The event was named ‘Unite, Fast, Remember’, with the aim being to unite communities with common values of humanity, by fasting and remembering those less fortunate than us. Muslims, Non Muslims, Doctors, Teachers, Councillors, people from all aspects of the community came together on a night in which they would all break their sponsored fasts together in an evening of awareness, speeches and entertainment.

The event was a huge success, with hundreds turning out to take part in the event. At the end of the event, £2600 was raised to support Kelford; a local specialist school within the area. As mentioned above, the Muslim community gives huge amounts to charity within the month of Ramadhan. However, majority of this charity is allocated to deprived countries around the world, but we challenged this practice and helped those most in need on our own doorstep.

With Government cuts due to austerity measures, many specialist schools also received cuts in their funding. Therefore the Rotherham Muslim Youth decided that in times of austerity, we would take it upon ourselves by not forgetting the deprived in our local communities.

Finally the cheque was presented to Kelford in a special assembly, where members of the organisation were also invited. The children from the school undertook this assembly that involved song and dance. After being invited to this and seeing where the funds were going, many members of the organisation stated, they ‘had never felt prouder to be part of the organisation and the work it carries out’.