Litter Picking

‘Unite, Stand, Clean’, was an initiative that came from the grass roots of the organisation. The idea stemmed behind the belief that both British values and the values of Islam believe in the promotion of cleanliness within our local communities.

This project allowed the engagement of young people to gain awareness on the full effects to littering as they cleaned the streets. The strategy undertaken on this project made this more than just a litter pick.

The area chosen was leafleted before hand, giving the local residents awareness of the date, timings and aims of the latter pick. This allowed many residents to help join the cause as the volunteers hit their streets on the day of the litter pick.

For many it allowed neighbours to come out on the streets and make conversation, which ignited through this project. Furthermore, many young volunteers were also from the local neighbourhood; they too made conversation and even eradicated the viewpoint that young people aren’t interested in the effects of littering.

The project in the end became more than a litter-pick; sparking conversation and building on the community spirit.