Secondary School Mentoring Programme

As part of our long term goal of building a truly inclusive and united Great Britain, we feel it is fundamental to push this message to young children.

Education is a vital tool; one which we must utilise if we are to achieve our Aims and Objectives. To this end, we work collaboratively with the leading children’s charity, Mosaic, on their secondary school mentoring programme.

Members of British Muslim Youth act as mentors in certain schools that have signed up this program with Mosaic. Not only do we engage with children and discuss issues of concern to them, our members also assist them with developing their skills on confidence, self-efficacy and nurture their long -term employability skills.

Our members have expertise in law, engineering, pharmacy, history, politics and social work (to name but a few). We use our experiences to motivate and inspire future generations to achieve the very best in life and become active citizens who contribute to a truly unique and wider community.

If you wish to get involved in our mentoring programme or require further information on this topic, please complete the short form under the ‘Contact Us’ tab and we will assist you with your query.



Anti terrorism and deradicalisation are rooted within almost each and every one of our events. The founding of Rotherham Muslim Youth itself was an attempt at deradicalisation, by promoting the true image of Islam, which is one of love, peace and harmony.

The British Muslim Youth has tackled the issues surrounding terrorism and extremism on various platforms, including national television debates. In the aftermath of the heinous attack on the soldier Lee Rigby, the Rotherham Muslim Youth evolved into a national voice for young people across the country on counter-terrorism.

The build up of the British Muslim Youth and its creation was based around the earlier experiences of the founding member, Muhbeen Hussain.

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