British Muslim Youth signs a letter to ban an upcoming Pegida march in Rotherham

PRESS RELEASE (31/05/2016): This is a statement from British Muslim  Youth confirming that they have signed a letter that has been sent to the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, Dave Jones, calling on the upcoming Pegida march to be banned, which is due to take place on 04 June 2016 in Rotherham.

British Muslim Youth have co-signed a letter with 68 other organisations, businesses, religious groups, local politicians etc. It is addressed to the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, namely Dave Jones, calling for the forth coming Pegida march (04 June 2016) in Rotherham to be banned.

For the reasons set out in the letter, we feel that this is a justified step, considering the current circumstances.

As an organisation, we believe in open dialogue, discussion and debate; even with those that you most passionately disagree with. It was for this very reason that our founder, Muhbeen Hussain, openly agreed to public debate with Tommy Robinson (the current leader of Pegida). However, on this occasion we feel that seeking a ban for this march is the right course of action to pursue.

We hope the Chief Constable acts on our request. Furthermore if called upon, we are willing to work with him to ensure that we can help mend the broken bridges in Rotherham, so that we can once again have a cohesive and integrated society.

Letter to Chief Constable Dave Jones regarding Pegida demo