Press Release – BMY Respond to Parliament Attack

PRESS RELEASE: British Muslim Youth responding to incident in Westminster. #BritainIsStandingTogether





Today at the door of our Parliament, the beating heart of our democracy, we witnessed yet another ghastly example of murder, bloodshed and carnage. An attack on our Parliament, and by extension on our democracy, is an attack on the very fabric of our great nation.

It’s too soon to speculate about the motives behind today’s attack, but there should be no equivocation in condemning this horrific attack in London.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the heroic police officer who has reportedly died, doing his job, protecting each and everyone of us. We also extend our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of other civilians who have had their lives, so tragically, cut short. The response of all the emergency services can only be applauded. They are a credit to our nation, and represent everything that is good about our country.

The uniqueness of Britain is its ability to come together, to stand strong and resilient in the face of adversity. We have no doubt that as a nation, as we mourn this loss of life we will only come together, stronger, more united and more determined than ever to fight the evils of all forms of terror.




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