Press Release- ‘I Want To Kill A Muslim’


Immediate Release

Date: 12th December 2016

Time: 5.56pm

Subject: Forrest Hill Train Station Stabbing.




News has surfaced the media of an alleged stabbing at Forrest hill train station in London, where a man had been running around, violently, shouting, ‘I want to kill a Muslim.’ In such times, we call for message of peace.

This, as it seems, maybe an isolated event and we should refrain from panicking in such a situation.

However, the way this situation has been dealt with by the authorities brings to the forefront a continuous, worrying narrative that far-right extremism is almost receiving acceptance within our society. Can you imagine if a Muslim was running around a train station shouting ‘I want to kill a non-Muslim’?

Rightly so, the situation would be dealt with as a terror threat, yet the authorities have arrested the man in question on suspicion of GBH. This shows either a lack of understanding on the side of the authorities or a lack willingness to treat far right extremism for what it is.

Just last week, Dame Louise Casey released her findings on integration within a report. The report included examples of different types of extremism and went to the extent to mention aspects of sectarian ‘Islamist’ extremism.

However the report didn’t only fail to mention examples of Mushin Ahmed or Mohammed Saleem that were murdered by individuals who were clearly influenced by far-right extremism, the report didn’t even, on a single occasion, mention the murder of a representative of our parliamentary democracy, Jo Cox MP, who was murdered by terrorist.

Sadly, post-Brexit, post Trump there has been a rise of far-right extremism, radicalising a small number of individuals throughout the country, leading to some serious attacks. Yet, this unwillingness or complete incompetence has left many living in fear.

Thus we call for action to be taken and all types of extremism to be condemned; the full iron fist of the law to be used to prevent any such hate from spreading.




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Twitter: @BritishMuslimY 

Facebook:  @BritishMuslimYouth

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